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Dr. Leonardo Nassani, DMD, MBA, assistant professor at The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, has a proven formula for effectively integrating multiple EdTech Incubator (ETI) technology zones into his Operative Dentistry 4 course. As part of the course, dental students design dental onlays in a dentistry lab and then learn how to convert their designs into 3D printer-compatible files in the ETI's computer lab.

The College of Dentistry here at OSU has once again collaborated with the ETI’s 3D Printing Lab for its “Operative Dentistry 4” course. The ETI was able to further assist Dr. Leo Nassani and his 120 students with the process and design of dental onlays which is essentially a cap that helps restore the structure of teeth after damage. 

A new approach to ultrasound education has emerged through a recent collaboration between the ETI and Jodi L. Eshleman, sonography program director and instructor at The Ohio State University School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Eshleman teaches undergraduate students how to perform ultrasounds on a simulator, including obstetric ultrasounds.

“I saw that many of [the students] were struggling when it came to determining the fetus’ position and situs,” says Eshleman. “I felt like a visual aid would further help them understand.”

THE Studio is spending the summer getting ready for autumn. Collaborators are continuing to test the environment, while EdTech Incubator steering committee members are documenting processes and best practices. The lightboard has been installed and backdrops are being adjusted for a seamless experience.

Watch for info about scheduling time in THE Studio in the coming months! As always, if you have questions about the space, scheduling or curriculum integration, email

Visitors to the 4th floor of Prior Hall will now immediately notice the EdTech Incubator. That's because stunning environmental graphics heralding the ETI's presence have been installed.

It wasn't easy: the entire process took about 6 months of painstaking design and measurements, and the installation itself took almost two days.