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Interested in obtaining training so you can incorporate 3D printing into your teaching and/or research? Sign up today!

This is an in-person, basic workshop to help participants learn how to use the 3D printing lab located in the EdTech Incubator (ETI). Training will take place in the ETI, located in Prior Hall on the 4th floor.

Workshop participants will be briefed on how the fundamentals of 3D printing in the ETI, including:

  • Safety in the 3D printing lab
  • How to set up a print model
  • Proper operation of the resin printers in the lab
  • How to clean/maintain a 3D printing station

Ohio State and Wexner Medical Center faculty, staff and learners can attend. No prior knowledge of 3D printing or modeling is required.

This training is a pre-requisite to booking the 3D printing lab for the first time. All participants who successfully complete this workshop will subsequently have access to reserve the 3D printing lab for future use.

Questions about the workshop? Email the ETI coordinator at mo.duncan@osumc.edu.

Register now for the 3D Printing Basic Workshop!

Email eti@osumc.edu with general questions or ideas for how the ETI can support your unit.